1. Social Innovative Projects

  • 1. Social Innovative Projects

    We develop and implement community-based research initiatives to address fundamental social challenges. In this process, we collaborate with like minded individuals, organizations and institutions in implementing joint action research projects. The lessons learnt are packaged, disemminated and implemented by relevant stakeholders for necessary actions. We are implementing the following projects that you can decide to participate in. You can get involved by volunteering and offering both technical and financial support. Once completed, the project will be scaled up to full implementation.


  • Mobile technology.

    The project will develop a mobile application that will collect information, analyze and disseminate simple messages alert via SMS platform from a SMS service provider. Information on weather forecast, rainfall patterns, water and pasture availability, possible disasters etc will be provided. A phone numbers database will be created to ensure access to current information on a specific topic.


  • Health services delivery project.

    It is meant to ensure 80% of Kenyans who are locked out of the convectional health system have access to health. The project is at the modeling stage and will be rolled down in 2016.


  • Gender Based Violence Response project:

    With the aim of reducing the violence against men and women; CARD has started an ambitious project with rigorous research and innovations to develop models that will significantly reduce this vice.


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