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i-M&E System

M&E System

It is a dynamic and technological based monitoring and evaluation system that upon its completion will solve 90% of the challenges faced by the development organizations in monitoring and evaluation. It is expected to be completed by December 2021.

Mobile technology

Mobile technology.

The project will develop a mobile application that will collect information, analyze and disseminate simple messages alert via SMS platform from a SMS service provider. Information on weather forecast, rainfall patterns, water and pasture availability, possible disasters etc will be provided. A phone numbers database will be created to ensure access to current information on a specific topic.

Mentorship on Project Design,Monitoring and Evaluation Course

Mentorship on Project Design,Monitoring and Evaluation Course

A comprehensive and practical program aimed at impacting monitoring and evaluation skills. Offered through online,distance learning and workshops. The mentorship programs takes 3 months. Participatory training is our core strategy in developing skills on several aspects of social development. The course will include training on statistical software (SPSS, R, Epi Info & STATA), data analysis, research methodology, report writing for interested individuals and organizations

Action Research Trials on MEL
(Art MEL)

Action Research Trials on MEL (Art MEL)

Since 2015, CARD embarked on conducting research studies on the monitoring and evaluation as a sub sector in Humanistarian, Development, Peace and security sector. Currently, CARD is woeking on developing a simple and practical Model for MEL processes in Complex programming.

Evaluation network (LOME Net)

Evaluation network (LOME Net)

Local organisations Monitoring and it is a local organisations own M&E network with purposes of developing M&E home grown solutions that support small scale projects at community level. It draws membership from CBOs and LNGOs in Kenya. The members benefit from the seasoned M&E experts who gives talks more often. CARD also organises regualar short trainings on targeted areas.