About Us

Centre for Analytical Research in Development (CARD)

Centre for Analytical Research in Development (CARD) is a non state organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. It was founded in 2001 and registered under Company Act CAP.486 of the laws of Kenya. The envisaged aim of CARD is to stimulate and empower individuals, community groups, organizations, institutions and government agencies to develop and promote large scale impact solutions to address their problems with available resources, opportunities, innovations, home grown solutions, experiences through carefully guided processes. CARD operates under evidence based principles that guide all its operations and projects. It applies participatory methods and tools in facilitating its activities hence fostering empowerment to its clients.  CARD is committed to providing value based services to its clients that have large scale, reproducible and sustainable impact in developing countries.

Core Values


All our operations are discharged under honesty and transparent way. Doing the right things right without compromise is our legacy.


Our commitment is founded on research and innovativeness to find out practical, affordable and high impact solutions to social challenges in developing countries. We are committed to discovering simple and better ways of influencing people’s lives positively.  


Working hard and smart to deliver high standards services is our priority.  Keeping devote to delivering services. Our efforts are directed to achieving our goals and objectives towards better services in time and with highest standards.